Before + After

See what I start with and see what I create and give back.

Many graphic design projects my clients give me all start with good intentions.   Clients begin with an idea… and soon discover that the assembly of quality assets, colours, font choice quickly become a production nightmare! – I understand!   Bring me your Brand and design challenges and enjoy the process of Great product Idea, No Design going in and watch Great Product Idea, Great Graphic Design and Branding coming Out!   See for your self: Click Here and take a 2 minute slideshow journey through some of Icon Man’s recent project adventures or scroll down and Click Here on any of the images below to get started!  See the difference experience and quality makes when ‘Icon Man’ puts the right branding design touch to your business products. I manage everything from vector logo creation and/or pixel to vector recreation to photo image selection, Photoshop cutting, cropping, blending and manipulation to messaging and content writing and editing.   It’s very interesting to see how branding solutions start and where they end up. Go ahead Click Here and have a peek.