About Icon Man

graphic designer ottawa

Graphic Design expert that creates super strong professional brand quality for your business and customers.

It’s simple…I take your visuals, your message and jazz it up.   Effective graphic design depends on clarity, simplicity, elegance and strength.   Every product I work on receives my quality design and messaging filter.   My Clients come to me because there products need to look great, memorable… it needs to work like A New York City Billboard…Clean, powerful, clear and effective  My expertise and experience in the Adobe Suite of products for illustration and design; Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign as well as Microsoft products; Powerpoint, Microsoft Word…. and more

Whether I’m working along side your marketing team or doin’ it myself, I deliver high quality advertising visuals for print and web. Your next graphic design project wants me.”

it’s Interesting to see the difference! Check out my Before + After gallery or my Portfolio Gallery to see some recent design projects. check back soon to see your finished product here… Yes!!!

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My design experience includes government, advertising agencies, small, medium and large businesses, health sector, tourism, retail and restaurants.  I’ve filled in for graphic design talent in large and small firms when they needed high quality and that “get ‘er done!” attitude.  Your next graphic design project wants quality, creativity and experience. contact me.